expanding the inside


sorry but children younger than her in the middle east get blown up by drones purely because of their proximity to suspected terrorists, i don’t really care about a dutch teenager getting arrested for sending a “joke” threatening tweet to an airline while claiming to be a member of al qaeda because she thought her obvious positions of privilege would protect her from any and all consequences

real shit


things that make me uncomfortable: when you brag about yourself and then look at me expectantly like I’m supposed to respond?

sorry I am asian that shit don’t fly with me my mama would smack you right back down to basic in half a second

http://onyourownsidethistime.tumblr.com/post/81792196441/adogadogonedog-kimerakincaid-the-asl-sign →



the asl sign for “transgender" is basically the same as the sign for "beautiful" but signed at the chest instead of in front of the face.

so that’s cool.

this is my imperfect not-a-fluent-signer understanding but:

(based on a presentation by a…